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EFT Meridians

Over 5,000 years ago in ancient China it was discovered that our bodies have pathways through which energy flows.

Similarly, Albert Einstein told us back in the 1920’s that everything, including our bodies, is composed of energy.

After thousands of years of studying our body’s energy pathways, we now know that imbalances, or blockages, in the flow of energy can result in both emotional and physical difficulties.

Although this idea has been largely ignored by Western Healing Practices we now see that this is why EFT often works where nothing else will.

Although there are many different types of Energy Therapies out there (Acupuncture, Reiki, Polarity to name a few), EFT is unique in that it is an Energy Psychology. It combines the gentle tapping of acupressure points with the psychological “tuning in” of the problem.

For instance, a person who feels anxious simply focuses on the feeling of the anxiety while tapping on strategic meridian points with their fingers. Incredible as it may seem, within minutes this simple procedure releases energy blocks, and the negative symptoms they cause- in this case the feeling of anxiety! The work is gentle, and results are often permanent.

EFT has been known to generate results far beyond those of conventional methods, because the work focuses on the body’s energy system, the root of most symptoms. The scientific community is now involved with on-going clinical research documenting these astounding results. Some of this research as well as hundreds of EFT case examples can be found at

Fantastic research that has been done regarding EFT (all articles in PDF format):

EFT Sessions via Skype

EFT Sessions via Skype

Living EFT was started by Chelsea Gary and Jeri Trimmer after they both realized exceptional results from using EFT on themselves. As they began sharing their results with our friends and family, they found that just about everyone wanted to experience emotional freedom for themselves. After receiving additional training from Gary Craig (the Founder of EFT), they began teaching the technique to everyone who asked. They now offer private and family sessions online via Skype.

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